Regardless of the size of your community, Flarum excels on every level. Building on top of the Flarum core experience with extensions allows you to customize your community to your needs.

Permission groups allow easy configuration of permissions and members. Granting access to categories, but also defining global and category limited actions like moderation, flagging and much more..

Easily customize using the admin appearance settings page, install a theme or completely modify the looks using custom CSS that is automatically integrated into all pages and extensions. The skye is the limit!

Whether you prefer a simple, bbcode/markdown editor for typing or need a full-fledged WYSIWYG editor for your users, Flarum works with either of those.

Increase engagement with your users using notifications in-browser, through email or various other channels. Installing a websocket extension allows snappy interactivity to your community with realtime updates.

The above is a selection of what Flarum has to offer, with hundreds of extensions you can tune Flarum just the way you need! And if you need something completely unique or unheard of, you can easily extend or commission extending Flarum.